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Re: [RFA] patch for run.exe -- ATTN: ago

On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 02:45:23AM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>As detailed here:
>run.exe currently launches clients without any stdio handles and without 
>any console at all.  That's over-ambitious: what run REALLY should do is 
>launch the client with a *hidden* console and *working* stdio handles.
>Run is a console-hider, not a daemonizer -- and some apps (like, err, 
>rxvt-unicode), even tho they are GUIs, don't behave well when launched 
>without working stdio (even if those handles point to an invisible 
>console, and really shouldn't be used by the app anyway!)
>The attached patch adapts code from cygwin's fhandler_init, using 
>NT/2K/XP-only APIs to enable AllocConsole() to initialize the stdio 
>handles *without* that console ever becoming visible, not even for a 
>brief flash.  Because these APIs are only available on some of the 
>supported OSes, I use LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress and function pointers, 
>so that on the older OSes the behavior should be unchanged from 1.1.9-1.

Hopefully the run code is GPLed...


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