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wget from cron update Re: need help with cygwin snapshot debugging

> If you are willing to continue testing, it may be worthwhile to
> keep this running for a couple of days.  Maybe it is sporadic enough
> that it is only triggered very occasionally.

I do seem to have run afoul of some problem with this process after another 
day.  Though I cannot find any unexpected processes in ps ax output or 
tasklist and cannot tell from the filesystem or the weather.log or cron.log 
whether any files were not downloaded as they should have been, I do see 
this output from netstat -ano:

TCP        TIME_WAIT       0
[15 more just like it]

nslookup tells me that is

My interpretation is that some of the wget processes to the site 
triggered from the in my crontab have not completed.  This state 
persisted for several minutes, until I stopped the cron service.

Hopefully other avenues will prove fruitful.  I need to stop running this 

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