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Re: simple test triggers fork errs for me in 4/27 snapshot

Thanks to all for trying the test.

On Tue 5/16/06 21:20 PDT "Bryan D. Thomas" wrote:
> >> If I revert to the April 3 snapshot it works fine. For the 4/27
> >> snapshot, it's repeatable
> > I see this under 20060309 as well.
> This is repeatable on my system with both 20060427 and 20060309 versions of 
> cygwin1.dll.  Perhaps we have very similar output of 'find /usr -print0'?

IIRC I tried to tickle the fork err w/:

  while : ;do bash -c true ; done  # but this worked fine w/the 4/27 snap

Here's the nonsense command sequence again:

  cd /tmp;echo -ne '#!/bin/bash -u\nfoo "$@"\n' >bar;chmod +x bar
  foo() { for f ;do bash -c true ;done ; } ; export -f foo
  find /usr -print0|xargs -0 ./bar

In the function "foo" "f" takes on the value from the find output,
but absolutely nothing is done with the value "$f".  Maybe the fork
error would still show up if "find /usr -print0", was replaced w/"yes".

> What would be the interaction between this and the SharedSection  parameter[1]?  

The box that is acting up for me is a Windows 2000 server, w/OOTB heap settings.

It is running an Informix database server.

> What other data would be helpful to collect? 
> cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out attached.

too busy, probably for about a week to post more  :-<

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