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"fork problem" debugging

I'm taking the risk of conflating several different
issues into one.  On the other hand, this might be a
useful synthesis to help us bottom out on "fork
problems" so that we can turn a snapshot into a stable

I've been trying to figure out strace incantations.
Hopefully someone more wizardly can help?  Is strace
the best/only attack vector on this?

In [2] Torfinn Ottesen wrote:
> I find that my loops are OK until after about 80
> cases, each loop increases my memory usage by about
> 3.2 MB
> I am aware of the following information:
> I have strace but do not know what to do with it 

I wonder if some strace like [6] would help?

Perhaps someone could suggest a helpful "cheatsheet"
what we might want to focus on in strace output of
these processes?

If it would be helpful to run strace against the
processes in the fork example[7]
, or in the nonsense testcase example[8]
...what should the command line be, and what would we
be looking for in output?

In [2], Larry Hall wrote:
> Sounds to me like the situation you found closely
> mirrors the behavior the MS KB article describes.
> I think it's worthwhile for you to experiment
> with the workaround proposed to see if it helps.
> It would be beneficial if you reported any results
> you saw back to this list.

Torfinn, any luck on SharedSection parameter tweaking
per the MS KB?

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[7] 2006-04/msg00718.html
[8] 2006-05/msg00422.html

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