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RE: Installation of 1.5.19

On 17 May 2006 14:31, wrote:

> I have installed the newst version of cygwin. But something doesn't
> function.
> I receive the message, that followed dll failed:
> cygopt-0.dll
> cygminires.dll
> cygXft-2.dll
> cygintl-2.dll
> cygz.dll

  There's no such error message as "dll failed".  What did it *actually* say?

> and the reinstallation would be solve the problem.
> I have already reinstalled the cygwin 1.5.19. But the Problem still exist.

  What did you actually *do* to reinstall cygwin?  Rerun setup?  Delete the
whole thing and start again?

> I can't start the CYGWIN cygserver in "Managed -> Services -> service
> marked and click on right mouse button -> start.

  What is "Managed"?  Where are these buttons?  What did you *actually* do?

> After a few second the service will be stopped automaticly. I can never
> start the services.
> I have uninstalled the cygwin, 

  What did you *exactly* do?

> cleared the registry ?

  What, the entire registry?  Nope, thought not.  What did you *exactly* do?

>  and deleted the
> services. 

  What, all of them?  Deleted them how?  From where?  From the
windows/system32 directory?  From the registry?  From the services control
manager database?

  What did you *actually* do?

> After them rebootet the machine and installed cygwin
> again. But the same situation occured again.
> The same state occured for mountd, portmapd, nfsd services.
> Has anybody any idea?

  Start here:

>Problem reports:

  Read the whole thing in detail, particularly the bit about sending your
cygcheck output ***as an attachment*** please, not in the body of your email,
and the bits about giving step-by-step descriptions of /exactly/ what you did
and /exactly/ what happened.

  Generally, when setup.exe fails, your best bet is to make sure that *all*
cygwin applications and services have been terminated, then run it again and
tell it to install from the local directory; it will then go through and fix
up anything that didn't get completed last time round.

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