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RE: cron issue

>1. What command sequence did you use to start the
>   cron service on your computer?  (In general, what
>   commands did you use to set up package X?  Or, what
>   commands did you run prior to encountering a problem?)

[RD] I went the minimal effort route and ran /usr/bin/cron-config.  I
don't have a command line explicitly.  What DOES happen at the minimum
is that cygrunsrv installs a service called cron running as the user
rdavies (me) using ntsec.  I can confirm that the service is running,
and that ps -ef reports that cron is active and running as the rdavies

>   I am running Cygwin on Windows 2003, so the
>   'sshd_user'/'password' is required for my computer.
>   I think that this is *not* required for Windows XP.
>   In fact, you may not have set up an ssh service yet.

[RD] I'm running on XP, and I do not have a secure shell daemon.
Actually, the only daemon I'm running is exim and that just to keep cron

> "Important:  Make sure you have a Cygwin MTA (e. g. either exim or
> installed and configured!  Cron tries to access the MTA by calling
> /usr/bin/sendmail.  On Cygwin this is usually a symlink pointing to
> appropriate binary.  This symlink gets created by the MTA's
>    scripts (e. g. /usr/bin/exim-config or /usr/bin/ssmtp-config)."
>    The README has a typo, above.  "/usr/bin/sendmail" should read
>    "/usr/sbin/sendmail".  Confirm that /usr/sbin/sendmail is a
>    symbolic link that points to your Cygwin MTA.

[RD] Symbolic link to exim:
lrwxrwxrwx 1 rdavies mkgroup-l-d 13 May 15 16:46 /usr/sbin/sendmail ->

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