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RE: cron issue

I checked the readme before configuring.  I opted for exim instead of
ssmtp, which I presume is OK.

>1. Run 'cygcheck -l cron' to list the files included in the
>   'cron' package.  (This is a general recommendation for
>   any Cygwin package.)

[RD] I have all the files in the package (/etc/postinstall/ is

>2. Read the file /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cron.README to get
>   some Cygwin-specific instructions about 'cron', including
>   the use of 'ssmtp' as a replacement for 'sendmail'.

[RD] Went with exim, but it's configured.

>3. Run '/usr/bin/' to see whether it can
>   identify any problems with your cron setup.

[RD] $ 1.10

This script did not find any errors in your cron setup.

If you are still unable to get cron to work, then try
shutting down the cron service, uninstalling it,
reinstalling it, and restarting it.

The following commands will do that:
  $ cygrunsrv --stop cron
  $ cygrunsrv --remove cron
  $ cygrunsrv --install cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -a -D
      (You can also add a -u switch)
  $ cygrunsrv --start cron

If the cron service does not start, try deleting the file
/var/run/ and then repeating the commands above.

Also, examine the log file for cron, /var/log/cron.log, for
information that it might give you about the problem cron is

If none of this fixes the problem, then report your problem
to  Please include a copy of your crontab,
('crontab -l') and the output of 'cygcheck -srv > cygcheck.txt'.

Please include the generated file 'cygcheck.txt' *as an attachment*,
and NOT in the body of the mail message.

Important Notice:

The contents of this electronic message and any attachments are intended only for the addressee
and may contain confidential and privileged information.  If you are not the addressee, you are
notified that any transmission, distribution, downloading, printing or photocopying of the
contents is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this message in error, please notify the
sender by return e-mail immediately and destroy all copies of the message and any attachments. 
Thank you.

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