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RE: rvxt-20050409-1 console problem [SUMMARY]

 1. Thanks for taking on the 'rxvt' package.  I look forward to the code
    changes that will make 'man' pages more readable.

>(3) (a) add a command line option to say "force hide console" and use
that from scripts

 2. I do not have any need for the script usage that you described
    so I am neutral with respect to whether you add this new feature.
    If you decide to add the feature, I would suggest that you implement
    the "usual" three ways of using it:

      - highest priority: a command-line switch
      - next priority: an environment variable
      - lowest priority: the ~/.rxvt configuration file

 3. FWIW, here is a font that I found useful.  It has worked on various
    Windows versions (nt/2k/2003/xp) without any additional steps
    on my part (i.e., no additional fonts needed to be installed).  It
    is not mentioned in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/rxvt-20050409.README.  If
    find it useful, please feel free to add it to the ones listed in
    README file.  Simply cut&paste the line to your ~/.Xdefaults.  It
    resizes fairly well with Shift-[num +]/Shift-[num -].

      rxvt*font: -outline-Courier


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