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Re: The $HOME variable; rxvt and .inputrc

> Friendly is a girl with a nice smile holding my hand and pressing my
> keys for me while serving me rum drinks with little umbrellas in them.
Managed to work this out. Barely.

If you figure out how to configure that well then just let me know! :-)
YMMV too much for a howto. Sorry, you're on your own. Pointers are
switching the task to realtime non preemptable (and others to low and
preemptable), moving the window around regularly (especially revealing
romantic wallpapers, photos of beaches or mountain resorts), and never
ever try emulation (works well at start, but sandboxing leaks in the
end, stopping the whole thing to a grinding halt). Signals
handling/sending is important too. Never SIGHUP, even if she does.
Handle SIGILL gracefully. Always respond to SIGINT. If she send
SIGALRM too much, you might be SIGTSTPped but if handled well, you'll
receive a SIGCONT. You might also be accused of sending rogue SIGSEGV
signals. SIGKILL can occur to you, but you're much likely to receive a
SIGTERM ("let's be friends"). If all goes well you might even SIGPIPE
and eventually she could fork(), and then, pray not to have to handle

Screw the C-j and C-k - just give me the girl! ;-)
It doesn't work too much in the end. Noise on the line, packets get
lost (hey, it's CSMA/CD), so you keys end up not being typed that
Plus you end up receiving lots of priority interrupts and you know,
it's preemptive multitasking, except for one task. And on task
completion, context backswitching doesn't work too well and you end up
messing your work.

Nice cocktails though.

(Now I'll hide that window before my beloved catches me spitting
stupid misogynic jokes like this.)

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