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Re: The $HOME variable; rxvt and .inputrc

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 07:51:32AM -0700, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> George wrote:
> >1. Does the admonition against setting $HOME as a Windows 
> >environmental variable still stand, or was that an old wives' tale?

> I have mine set. No problems.

Thanks for that.  I guess I can undo all the inconsistent mucking around 
I've been doing lately.

> >2. I hesitate to ask for a handout, but could some let me know if it's 
> >possible, and if so how, to assign the SHIFT+PAGEUP and SHIFT+PAGEDOWN 
> >keystrokes to something more friendly in rxvt? If it's not obvious, 
> >I'm using 'set -o vi' for bash.

> Describe unfriendly. 

Cough cgf cough.  I keed.  I keed.  How about I describe friendly 

Friendly is a girl with a nice smile holding my hand and pressing my 
keys for me while serving me rum drinks with little umbrellas in them.


Ok, how about friendly is not having taking my hands off the keyboard's 
home row to reach for PageUp/Down or, worse, the arrow keys?

>Shift-PageUp and Shift-PageDown effectively page up or down through the 
>output buffer. That seems pretty friendly to me...

A key modifier would be in order given that we're talking about a 
textual interface.  Hence, I think CTL+F for forward, and CTL+B for back 
would be more appropriate, if not consistent for a vi user.  Now if it 
was my birthday and I could get what anything I wanted, I'd go for the 
girl with the rum drinks, and opt for CTL+J and CTL+K. 



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