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RE: rvxt-20050409-1 console problem

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From: [] On Behalf Of Sven Köhler
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 12:46 PM
Subject: Re: rvxt-20050409-1 console problem

> You should see it, or perhaps your PC is too fast.
> But prior to the rxvt windows, another windows opens that gets closed immediatly. That's a console-window like the ones you see, when you run cmd.exe
> So the console-hiding code is the code, that causes, that the console-window disappears and that inly the rxvt-window remains.

When I start rxvt via the shortcut icon, I see the same behavior
regardless of whether I use version 2.7.10-6 or the latest version.
So, whatever is happening in the background (console-closing or not)
doesn't matter when starting rxvt via the shortcut.

The issue, as I understand it, is that some users were starting 'rxvt'
from a Cygwin console window (which, in turn, was started via a batch
script) by using the command 'run rxvt'.  In rxvt 2.7.10-6 and earlier
versions, this command sequence would leave the console window displayed.
The new console-hiding code causes the console window to be automatically
hidden.  If the shortcut icon approach to starting rxvt is used, then
there is no need (that I know of) to have the console-hiding code
included in 'rxvt' because no console would be displayed (or if it is,
then it is already automatically hidden).  This would then leave the
console displayed for those users who need it.


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