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Re: rvxt-20050409-1 console problem

>> So i always was annoyed by the fact, that starting rxvt directly from
>> windows opens a console windows.
> Hence the recommended use of "run".


>> Isn't it possible, to create such an EXE-file, that doesn't open a
>> console? Would that cause any problems with cygwin?
> It's possible.  But one (important) side effect is that window-mode
> applications cannot write to a console.  So, "rxvt --help" would be
> useless if rxvt were to be made a window-mode app.

Oops, yes.

Hmm ... but ...

Would  "rxvt.exe --help" work, if you run in from a cygwin-shell?
wouldn't that be sufficient?

Something that i just noticed: do you have java installed? there is that
javaw.exe-thing. It's such a window-mode application. And if i run
"javaw" inside cygwin, then it prints a help-screen to the console!

>> That would make any "hide the console"-code unnecessary.

If there is some other possibility, to hide the console, (what is that
"run" command that you mean?), then i would remove the "hide the

There are only two things, that i'd like to be abled to do:
a) start rxvt.exe directly from windows without a console-windows
b) run it from inside cygwin like any other app

>> P.S.: i can reproduce the bug too.
> Note that my issue is actually the opposite: I start rxvt from an
> unrelated console, and I *want* that console to stay visible.
> Looks like the new console-hiding code is a bit over-eager...
> If I have the time, I'll take a look at the changes to see if there's a
> simple fix.

Yes, i know. But i thought, that a window-mode application _could_ be a
more clean sollution to the problem, because the "close the
console"-code (which is a workaround IMHO) could be removed.

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