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Re: rvxt-20050409-1 console problem

> After installing rxvt-20050409-1, starting rxvt from a console bash hides
> that console.  To reproduce: start a console bash, type "rxvt" or "rxvt &"
> (either way), observe that the bash window goes away (the process is still
> running, though).  I don't think the cygcheck output is relevant, since
> this looks like an rxvt problem (caused by the new code to hide the
> console).  Chuck, if you can't reproduce this, please let me know and I'll
> provide more details.

AFAIK, there are EXE-files that open a console, and others, that don't.

It seems, there is a flag in the EXE-files, which determines if Windows
should open a console or not.

So i always was annoyed by the fact, that starting rxvt directly from
windows opens a console windows.

Isn't it possible, to create such an EXE-file, that doesn't open a
console? Would that cause any problems with cygwin?

That would make any "hide the console"-code unnecessary.


P.S.: i can reproduce the bug too.

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