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Re: [Patch] EPS import for XFig

Franz Haeuslschmid writes:

> there is a problem with XFig as soon as more than one EPS should
> be imported as figure object.  It seems that only those users are
> affected, that use a temporary directory on a NTFS partition.
> The problem has been addressed earlier:
>   <URL:>
>   <URL:>
> and finally
>   <URL:>

It has been some time since I suggested the patch below.  In the
discussions mentioned above, I describe how I managed to get the
EPS import feature in XFig working correctly with Cygwin.

Sporadicly, I receive e-mail from people that encounter the same
problem, do a search on the web for it and find the articles
above.  By that way, I can see, that the patch is still waiting
to be applied.  This message is just a little remainder to the
Cygwin people with power to integrate the patch and save future
generations of XFig on Cygwin users from headaches, when they
want to import EPS files.


> 2005-10-05  Franz Haeuslschmid  <>
> 	* f_readeps.c (bitmap_from_gs): Ensures that all FILE objects
> 	referring to the temporary bitmap preview are closed before the
> 	preview file is unlinked.
> --- f_readeps.c.orig	2005-10-05 11:17:05.985950000 +0200
> +++ f_readeps.c	2005-10-05 11:19:29.095325000 +0200
> @@ -407,6 +407,7 @@ Boolean
>          ht = pic->pic_cache->size_y;
>          pcxfile = open_picfile(pixnam, &filtyp, PIPEOK, tmpfile);
>          status = _read_pcx(pcxfile, pic);
> +        fclose(pcxfile);
>          /* restore width/height */
>          pic->pic_cache->size_x = wid;
>          pic->pic_cache->size_y = ht;

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