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Re: ssh to 2003 server exist immediately

Andrew DeFaria wrote:
Andrew DeFaria wrote:
/etc/passwd and /etc/group are symlinks to a shared and up to date copy of the output of mkpasswd/mkgroup. That's not the issue. As I understand it, for sshd (or in.rlogind) to "switch user" it needs special privileges. Indeed the documentation alludes to that. And until I added those permissions to the sshd_server user ssh/rsh would not work at all. (rsh, started from inetd that is as inetd was also logging on as the sshd_server user). Still, while rsh works, ssh refuses to work citing the error message above in /var/log/sshd.log. IOW I can rsh <server> and get in. I can also rsh <server> <command> and have <command> run on <server> (provided /etc/passwd on <server> has a blank password for the user). However I cannot ssh <server>. When I do so it prompts for the password then abruptly logs out with the only clue left in <server>:/var/log/sshd.log.
A little more info. rsh <server> works. rsh <server> <command> hangs!

sons-clearcase:rsh sons-sc-cc
No directory /us/adefaria!
Logging in with home = "/".
Last login: Wed May 10 20:31:46 from
CYGWIN_NT-5.2 SONS-SC-CC 1.5.19(0.150/4/2) 2006-01-20 13:28 i686 Cygwin
WARNING: HOME directory did not exist! Logging in with HOME = /tmp

adefaria@SONS-SC-CC ~
$ logout
rlogin: connection closed.
sons-clearcase:rsh sons-sc-cc id

This is very frustrating because my client relies on a command I wrote called "smake" which essentially boils down to: "rsh <server> -n cd <directory> && make" that is intended to perform the make on <server>. As you can see it relies on rsh, passwordless login to <server> executing a command. But with this new 2003 server rsh <server> <command> hangs!


Are you sure you're not getting caught by the Windows rsh?

-- Larry Hall RFK Partners, Inc. (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office 838 Washington Street (508) 893-9889 - FAX Holliston, MA 01746

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