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Re: PHP for Cygwin

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Subject: Re: PHP for Cygwin

Nelson Pereira wrote:
Can someone tell me where the Cygwin PHP4 packages are located?

See the FAQ: <>

It's fair to assume if you don't find what you're looking for given the
information at this site, you're not going to find a package as part of
the Cygwin distribution that has what you're looking for.

You can also look at the cygwin-apps list to see if the package has been
proposed but not available yet.  For PHP, you'd find a couple of threads
in these last couple of months that you might find helpful.  I did the
initial leg work for you and came up with the link below:


Nelson Pereira wrote:
> Then how do you install PHP to run on Cygwin?
> Is there a newbie howto or something? I've searched all over the web and
> nothing I found helps me.
> I tried PHP4 and PHP5 compiling from source following the INSTALL
> instructions, but I still get errors at the MAKE INSTALL.
> Something about file is not a DS0... Also search this on the web, and
> nothing I read and try is helping...

Did you read the cygwin-apps thread that I pointed you to above? If you did, you should have come away from that with the impression that getting PHP going under Cygwin isn't trivial. Your best bet may be to just talk to Max about what he's done already. Otherwise, you'll want to post some details of exactly what you see going wrong. You should follow the problem reporting guidelines found at the link below if you go that route.


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