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Re: Can't run baseall

Dave Korn wrote:
On 12 May 2006 13:52, Don Edvalson wrote:

I tried the solution mentioned above, but it didn't help. However it did
put me on the right track. I started carefully killing Windows
processes. After I had killed enough of them, Cygwin started working
perfectly again and I could do my compiles. So I think I was looking in
the wrong direction with rebase in the first place. I am still narrowing
it down, but I found that two pieces of hardware I had added lately, a
webcam and a Sprint Wireless network connection were running lots of
processes all the time, even when that hardware was not installed or
running. I believe the culprit is one of these. When I figure out
exactly what process was causing this, I will let you know.

Webcam? Webcam! Did you say "webcam"? Did you say *Logitech* webcam?

and subsequent thread....

cheers, DaveK

That would appear to be exactly what I ran into. I now feel really stupid for not finding this before posting. I performed several searches, but they were all based on can't fork problems. Sorry to have bothered everyone, but thanks for all your great help.


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