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Re: Can't run baseall

Don Edvalson wrote:

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

Right. Starting from the beginning and looking at the simplest/most common
potential causes makes the most sense. And providing as much detail as
possible about what's going on is a good idea as well. However, if the more
obvious solutions don't help, then you might want to consider this option:



I tried the solution mentioned above, but it didn't help. However it did put me on the right track. I started carefully killing Windows processes. After I had killed enough of them, Cygwin started working perfectly again and I could do my compiles. So I think I was looking in the wrong direction with rebase in the first place. I am still narrowing it down, but I found that two pieces of hardware I had added lately, a webcam and a Sprint Wireless network connection were running lots of processes all the time, even when that hardware was not installed or running. I believe the culprit is one of these. When I figure out exactly what process was causing this, I will let you know.

You also can try to prevent certain services to be started - for example for the not installed hardware by using the
Utility which comes with windoze but - of course - is not documented but works well. You can execute it with Start->Run->msconfig
The advantage is you don't have to kill the processes just unmark them and they won't get started. If you need them just mark them again. The drawback is - you have to reboot. But on the other hand it can speed up Windoze and saves memory because not loading a lot of Plug-and-pray drivers waiting for some hardware to be connected.


Thanks for the help.


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