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Re: Can't run baseall

Dave Korn wrote:
On 11 May 2006 20:23, Don Edvalson wrote:


I see what you mean. You are right, I was thinking of gmane as more
central than it really is. I see now that it is just a 3rd party service
and that I was probably just being impatient, perhaps a cacheing problem
on my client.

Thanks for pointing this out clearly.

Now, if someone has any ideas on the original question?? :)



  Well, are you 100% sure you stopped /every/ cygwin application and service
and so on before you ran rebaseall?  You haven't described the steps you took
in any detail.

Right.  Starting from the beginning and looking at the simplest/most common
potential causes makes the most sense.  And providing as much detail as
possible about what's going on is a good idea as well.  However, if the more
obvious solutions don't help, then you might want to consider this option:


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