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RE: Win2003 server and cron/sshd as services (1.5.19)

Please see item 2 again.  Do not include *ANY* quotes around -D when
passed as an argument to '--args'.

I am writing now to say that this behavior has been fixed.  Since
the last time I wrote, I have upgraded 'bash' to the latest version.
I am guessing that this fixed the problem.

$ cygcheck -c bash
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version        Status
bash                 3.1-6          OK

Still, you might want to try leaving off the quotes to the (single)
argument to '--args'.  And do not include any additional arguments,
such as '-ddd'.

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Of Mike Dunn
Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 10:50 AM
Subject: Re: Win2003 server and cron/sshd as services (1.5.19)

On #2, what the heck? :)  I'm not saying that you are wrong about the 
behaivor, but the shell ought to have striped the quotes (single or 
double) before handing the args to cygrunsrv.  Regardless, I tested cron

again using the single quotes, and it behaves the same.

> 2. In my earlier code, I had provided the following option to
>    the cygrunsrv program: --args "-D"
>    Note the double quotes around the '-D', above.  I never would
>    have suspected it, but those double quotes -- when used to
>    install the cron service -- will cause cygrunsrv to fail when
>    attempting to start cron.  This surprised me because I use
>    the double quotes around '-D' when starting sshd.  In the case
>    of starting 'sshd' the double quotes do not cause any problem.
>    Going forward, for consistency, I have no quotes around '-D'
>    for either 'cron' or 'sshd'.
>    Can anyone else on the Cygwin mailing list test this behavior?
>    Here are the prerequisites:  Windows 2003 and an 'sshd_server'
>    user account in your /etc/passwd (usually created by the script
>    named 'ssh-host-config'), with a corresponding password for that
>    special user account.
>    The following command consistently fails:
>    cygrunsrv --install cron --path /usr/sbin/cron --shutdown --args
> \
>     --disp "Cygwin cron" --desc "Cygwin vixie-cron service" \
>     --user sshd_server --passwd your-fine-password;
>    The following command consistently works:
>    cygrunsrv --install cron --path /usr/sbin/cron --shutdown --args -D
>     --disp "Cygwin cron" --desc "Cygwin vixie-cron service" \
>     --user sshd_server --passwd your-fine-password;

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