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RE: Data streams being treated as files in Cygwin

Please follow the reporting guidelines from (you have not provided any information
about your cygwin version, os versions, or anything else).

Note that cygwin is a volunteer-based GPL project, and as such, the only
way a patch will be provided is if one of the volunteers finds this
issue 1) real 2) fixable 3) is willing to put the time in to fix it.

If you need guaranteed support, Red Hat offers paid commercial support. 

Vishwanath Karthik wrote:
>      There seems to a problem on how the data streams are handled in
>      Cygwin is treating a data stream as a file which should not be
the case.
>      Sh-3.1$ echo "data1" > test00
>      Sh-3.1$ echo "data1" > test00:stream
>      Now test00 is a file and test00:stream is a data stream
associated with the file test00
>      When we do an "ls" at this path we are able to see only test00
file and not the stream test00:stream  
>      -> this functionality is OK as streams cannot be locked and also
it is not a file 

Also, you have not explained what you think should be happening to
appropriately map the Windows data stream semantics into a POSIX
environment.  If you can redirect output to a data stream, and then read
it back, perhaps data streams are best represented as files.  If your
concern is with having filenames with colons in them, then you should
look into managed mounts.
>      So a patch has to be applied to resolve this issue. Can you
please provide us with 
> a patch so that the data streams are handled as expected .

To recap and underline, this approach of demanding that a patch be
applied is not usually the best way to get a change made in cygwin.

-Richard Campbell.

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