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Data streams being treated as files in Cygwin

      There seems to a problem on how the data streams are handled in Cygwin.
       Cygwin is treating a data stream as a file which should not be the case.

      Following are the steps followed to create and access a data stream using cygwin shell in Windows environment.

      Sh-3.1$ echo "data1" > test00
      Sh-3.1$ echo "data1" > test00:stream

      Now test00 is a file and test00:stream is a data stream associated with the file test00

      When we do an "ls" at this path we are able to see only test00 file and not the stream test00:stream  -> this functionality is OK as streams cannot be locked and also it is not a file 

      In one of the perl scripts when we did a file test for both "test00" and "test00:stream" ,both succeeded even though "test00:stream" is not a file

      The network traces of the shell command "test -f test00:stream" showed that Cygwin opens the file "test00:stream" instead of sending a server reply "NO file found"
      So a patch has to be applied to resolve this issue. Can you please provide us with a patch so that the data streams are handled as expected .

  Thanks and Regards,

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