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Re: MySQL 5.0.21 C API under cygwin

So when is someone proposing (ITP'ing) at least the mysql-client and
libmysql packages?

2006/5/11, Lloeki <>:
> Thanks for the information.  For the benefit of all, could you list all
> of your configure options that are relevant to building MySQL on Cygwin?

FWIW, mine is:

$ mysql --version
mysql  Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.18, for pc-cygwin (i686) using  EditLine wrapper

conf'd with just --prefix=/opt/mysql --without-server then make && make install
(and using TCP to connect w/ a local windows server).
On my various (lots) installs, I never had a hitch.

I successfully built php 5.1.2 against it (and others which I don't remember).
I remember doing the same with mysql4 and php4, but can't recall the
exact versions.

I was in the process of building some emerge-like script (and learning
python at the same time), which helps me rebuild stuff from source tgz
and change 'use' flags easily, and ideally script and automate a whole
cygwin install+compile, but RealWork(tm) prevented me to come to
something close to distributable. I'll certainly continue someday, but
I wonder if anyone willbe  interested by such a script in the future
(when it'll be usable by someone else than just me)?

For emerge-like script look at cygport, which was ITP'ed last week in cygwin-apps. This is stable and I already used that for the quite complicated postgresql packages. -- Reini Urban

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