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Re: MySQL 5.0.21 C API under cygwin

Thanks for the information. For the benefit of all, could you list all of your configure options that are relevant to building MySQL on Cygwin?

FWIW, mine is:

$ mysql --version
mysql  Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.18, for pc-cygwin (i686) using  EditLine wrapper

conf'd with just --prefix=/opt/mysql --without-server then make && make install
(and using TCP to connect w/ a local windows server).
On my various (lots) installs, I never had a hitch.

I successfully built php 5.1.2 against it (and others which I don't remember).
I remember doing the same with mysql4 and php4, but can't recall the
exact versions.

I was in the process of building some emerge-like script (and learning
python at the same time), which helps me rebuild stuff from source tgz
and change 'use' flags easily, and ideally script and automate a whole
cygwin install+compile, but RealWork(tm) prevented me to come to
something close to distributable. I'll certainly continue someday, but
I wonder if anyone willbe  interested by such a script in the future
(when it'll be usable by someone else than just me)?

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