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Re: cvs pserver issue with new cygwin packages

Nicholas Thayer wrote:
After upgrading to the latest cygwin packages (coreutils, findutils, cygwin), the cvs pserver fails for updates and checkouts.

I am using the CVS pserver under cygwin to run an intranet CVS repository that networked computers can access. Since this is an intranet environment, there are no security issues.

The implementation I am using is to have a CVSROOT/passwd file for login. The pserver is started in the inetd.conf file as:

cvspserver stream tcp nowait root /bin/cvs cvs -f --allow-root=/usr/
local/REPOSITORY pserver

After upgrading to the latest cygwin packages (coreutils, findutils, cygwin), the following error message is being displayed and the pserver is no longer usable:

$ cvs co test
cannot mkdir /tmp/cvs-serv3172/.
No such file or directory

The directory info after the cvs-{serv3172} is dynamic. Looking at the /tmp directory, this new directory does not exist. This leads me to think that a mkdir -p flag needs to be used or the CVS pserver code needs to be changed to call 'mkdir /tmp/cvs-{xxx}', which would be one level deep and the mkdir call would succeed.

The pserver worked fine for the following packages and versions:

cygwin - 1.5.18-1
coreutils - 5.3.0-9
findutils - 4.2.25-2

How do I resolve this issue in order to upgrade to the latest packages? Until a solution can be found I can't upgrade these packages without breaking the cvs server, which is absolutely necessary that it run.

Please assist and thanks for the help,

I installed the latest cygwin snapshot (cygwin1-20060427.dll), and am using the same CVS package (1.11.17-1), and the directory creation problems have gone away. So, the next stable release of the cygwin1.dll should solve this problem for other users unwilling to upgrade to a snapshot binary.

Thanks for everyone's help,

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