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Re: ssh to 2003 server exist immediately

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Andrew DeFaria wrote:
I'm trying to set up ssh access to a Windows 2003 server. I am having a problem in that when I ssh to this server it immediately exits and I find the following in /var/log/sshd.log:

5 [main] sshd 12912 C:\Cygwin\usr\sbin\sshd.exe: *** fatal error - could not load ws2_32, Win32 error 0

Forgive me I did do some research about setting up ssh on a 2003 server and I believe I've very close to having it set up correctly but I'm still missing something. I created a local sshd_server user and added things like "Act as part of the operating system", "Replace process level token", etc. I did not see a setting for "Increase quota". Note that I am using a local sshd_server users (i.e. <machine>\sshd_server) as the logon for the sshd service. I don't believe I'm using privilege separation.

I had to use mmc and a Group Policy editor for the domain to add this local user into the rights at the domain level before this would work. Still when I try to ssh in I get a password prompt but after that the above gets written into the sshd.log and the prompt returns.

Note that I also use this local sshd_server user for inetd so that rsh can and does work. Insecure I know and I'd like to switch this client over to using all ssh but I gotta get it working for them.

Thanks in advance.
Why not use ssh-host-config to set up sshd? It will create sshd_server for you in the proper way.
I did! sshd_server would not have been my choice of a username had I done this by hand (the user daemon comes to mind). However that was not working. This is a domain environment so the sshd_server user could be <domain>\sshd_server or <local machine>\sshd_server. I don't think I have enough privilege to add a domain user so I made it a local user.

Plus I believe that domain policies did not allow me to modify the user rights of this local user. (From memory) I believe I went into mmc and added the Group Policy Editor snapin then attempted to add the local sshd_server to the users that have say "Act as part of the operating system" rights but the add button was grayed out. Last night while trying again I noticed I could add Domain Group Policy snapin and much to my surprise I was able to add the <local server>\sshd_server user to the "Act as part of operating system" and "replace process level token" lists. Again I didn't see an "Increase quota". This got inetd and rsh working but ssh still produces an error.

Actually, assuming I can create say a domain "daemon" user for use with sshd and inetd, etc., would it be better to do this at the domain level. I would like to allow others in the domain to set up ssh or inetd with the rights to SU...

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