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Re: Win2003 server and cron/sshd as services (1.5.19)

Was there anything in particular you are referring to in the README, or is this a general RTFM comment? I have read the READMEs, googled the list for 5 days, picked apart the install scripts, tested with alternative services, reinstalled, etc. I would like to think that I've done my home work.

I believe that I understand the permissions issue that you refer to. Clearly I ran cron under my UID as a diagnostic procedure; I have since reinstalled it a number of times (correcting the permissions indicated in the README) and cron_diagnose is happy. Can you suggest what may be wrong with permission beyond that?


Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
On 05/06/2006, Mike Dunn wrote:
I did just test by running cron from the command line (not as a service), and it appears to work fine. I suspect, that it can only exec commands under my uid, since my account does not have things like SeCreateTokenPrivilege, etc.

Right. And by running it from the command line under your uid, you've created
files under /var with permissions that will keep 'cron' from running as a
service using the sshd_server (which already has the ability to switch user
contexts on W2K3). Your best bet here is probably to uninstall cron and
reinstall it, using the installation instructions in

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