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Re: Cygwin and Emacs: How to exit?

> Hello,
> In the mood to try emacs, I added it to my cygwin installation this
> evening, and have been working through several tutorials.  All works
> as expected, except that I am unable to exit emacs.  Hitting C-x C-c
> does nothing, but again, all other control combinations seem to work
> fine.

Are you invoking emacs in its own X window, or embedded within the
same console where the shell was (in which case, which console are
you using)?  Also, I have noticed times where emacs hangs on exit,
or unexpectedly core dumps.  The last emacs package maintainer has
gone missing in action, so I have been trying to update emacs against
a more recent cygwin dll, but have not had success so far.  Because
the build is rather old, and because emacs does some strange things
with memory, it is a rather sensitive to changes in the cygwin dll.

> I have tried both the stable 21.2 and experimental 21.3 versions, with
> the same results on both.  Basically I am forced to suspend it and
> then kill it from the shell.
> Any pointers or suggestions welcome.

Following the suggestions here:
> Problem reports:

and sending the output of 'cygcheck -svr' as a text attachment will
help us diagnose your setup.

Eric Blake

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