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Re: make - rm bug

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Forwarding to the cygwin list (this thread started on bug-gnu-utils). - by posting, your feedback reaches a
wider audience.

Also, reformatted.

According to Hedley Lester on 5/9/2006 6:47 AM:

> According to Hedley Lester on 5/8/2006 5:59 AM:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> There appears to be a bug in the interaction between make and rm, so
>>>> that it does not expand *.o when it is inside the makefile.  It works
>>>> fine on the command line.
>>>> Running under Windows XP
>>>>> rm --version
>>>> rm (GNU fileutils) 3.16
>>>>> make --version
>>>> GNU Make version 3.75, by Richard Stallman and Roland McGrath.
>>>> I don't know if this bug is still extant in later versions
> Those are some very old versions.  Consider using cygwin, which has
> already packaged coreutils 5.94 (the replacement to fileutils), and make
> 3.80, for use on windows.  See for details.

> Hi Eric,
> I spent some time today struggling with the cygwin setup utility to make
> it give me just the files I needed - I did not find it very friendly to
> the task.

What feedback can you give that makes setup.exe easier to use?  I
personally don't have too much difficulty with it, as long as you remember
that not all packages come by default -

> Eventually I managed to find and download the libraries I needed in
> order to run just the new make.  I substituted the new make and it's
> libraries into the folder I had sent you yesterday.
> I was just about to write to you saying that it made no difference at
> all, when I realised that I had not downloaded the new rm.exe.

rm is part of coreutils, which is default, so you shouldn't have had to
download it separately - setup.exe should have done it for you.  I suspect
that your cygwin installation may be rather strange from how you described
grabbing raw executables, and without using the proper tool for installing
it, you can expect to have problems.

> Sure enough, when I substituted the new rm.exe as well as the make.exe
> and its requisite libraries everything worked perfectly!
> Unable to resist the urge to experiment, I then substituted the old
> make.exe back into the mix - fully expecting that it would still work
> (and that it was all rm's fault) . . . and lo and behold it reproduced
> the same incorrect behaviour as before.

Here, not necessarily due to old versions.  Your older versions probably
weren't part of cygwin; mixing a non-cygwin make with a cygwin rm, or
vice-versa, is not always going to work.

> So, it sounds like the words I wrote yesterday were more accurate than I
> expected,"a bug in the interaction between make and rm" - all fixed in
> the new versions.
> Thanks for the advice - it's all working nicely now.
> Hedley

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