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Re: terminal escape codes

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According to Jeff Lange on 5/9/2006 6:01 AM:
> We attempted to use rxvt, but the issue is that the application that
> is running uses F key's that don't appear to map correctly when using
> rxvt, but do work when using the normal cygwin shell.
> The root of the question is though, why doesn't the standard shell
> handle the ESC(B code correctly?  This is a bug is it not?

The cygwin terminal in a window is NOT a VT220 emulator.  You are
using a different terminal that understands a different set (read subset)
of escape codes.  The only bug here is that you are expecting cygwin to
behave the same on all escape sequences as some other terminal, when
escape sequences are not standardized (well, except for the ANSI ESC[
sequences).  The reason that ESC(B prints B is that ESC( is an unknown
escape sequence, so those two characters are silently discarded, leaving
the B to display on the screen.

That said, it is possible to see if you can implement the missing escape
codes; see fhandler_console::write in
for the current code that does escape sequence handling when TERM is

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