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Re: terminal escape codes

We attempted to use rxvt, but the issue is that the application that
is running uses F key's that don't appear to map correctly when using
rxvt, but do work when using the normal cygwin shell.

The root of the question is though, why doesn't the standard shell
handle the ESC(B code correctly?  This is a bug is it not?


On 5/8/06, Andrew DeFaria <> wrote:
Igor Peshansky wrote:
> On Fri, 5 May 2006, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
>> Jeff Lange wrote:
>>> While that does work, It unfortunately isn't an acceptable solution
>>> for me. I really need to be running this from a plain text console.
>> How is running rxvt not a plain text console?!? I use rxvt all the
>> time. I don't like the "Windows window" as it's cut and paste
>> semantics are horrible as well as it's resizing (in)ability.
> Windows has a notion of a "console window". rxvt, xterm, ssh, and
> pretty much any other Cygwin program that doesn't allocate an explicit
> console window uses ptys to emulate console output. Some Windows
> programs cannot understand ptys, and thus don't work properly via ssh,
> or in rxvt. So the OP's need may be valid.
I'm well aware of this and indeed this is about the only drawback I've
ever seen with using rxvt instead of the console window. But there are
not that many "Windows only, I need a console and I can't deal with
pty's" applications that I run. Indeed many Windows users shy away from
anything command line oriented.

My question was more to affirm whether or not the OP was running into a
pty problem or just didn't understand that he could use rxvt...
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