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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rxvt-20050409-1

...and a new maintainer. Rxvt has long been on Corinna's list of orphaned packages (last known version here:)

The current version, rxvt-2.7.10-6, is over a year old

Now, as upstream development of rxvt has completely halted, the lack of updates to cygwin's version is not that big a deal. However, there were a few changes *I* wanted in the current package and since it was orphaned...

What's different:
Operationally, nothing. Just a routine update, from the user perspective. It does have a few new features:

* it can hide its own console, without requiring run.exe (but there's no reason your current shortcut, which uses run, needs to change. It'll be fine).

* better heuristics for the X11 search: it will find cygX11-*.dll even if /usr/X11R6/bin is not in your $PATH. Soon this won't matter, as the modular client libs will be in /usr/bin, but it's nice.

* /usr/share/man/man1/rxvt.1.gz is actually usable.

Other stuff
Packaging-wise, there are a LOT of changes. It's a fully g-b-s style build now (no need to edit features.h AFTER configuring, anymore). Getting into the technical weeds...

Around rxvt-2.7.6 or so, SteveO's win32-native patches were adopted into the rxvt CVS, kinda. But, his rxvt distribution for cygwin was built by overlaying a copy of the xpm source code and building a private static library of it, which was then used to link. But, the -src package shipped with cygwin didn't "indicate" that these manipulations occurred: SteveO just tarred up his working source directory and shipped THAT.

So it was difficult to see, directly, how "our" source code differed from "their" original 2.7.10 code. (Plus, "our" version was actually based off of a snapshot taken from CVS *after* the 2.7.10 release, and then modified from that...)

So, my "-src" package actually contains the following:

  rxvt-20050409.tar.bz2      : a direct CVS pull with that date -D)
  rxvt-import-xpm.patch.bz2  : a layover patch that "imports" the xpm
                               source code
  rxvt-20050409-1.patch      : the OTHER cygwin changes needed for a
                               clean build         : heavily doctored generic-build-script

I'm using a date-stamp instead of '2.7.10' because, well, OUR 2.7.10 never really was 2.7.10 to begin with. As of 2.7.10-6, it was really 20050409-CVS + local-steveo-patches. Why 20050409? I'm not sure; perhaps that was the last checkin to rxvt's sourceforge CVS prior to the release of cygwin's 2.7.10-6 package. I'm just trying to ensure that development continuity between the previous maintainer's final release, and my new release, is maintained. THEN we can move forward...

In any case, it appears there have only been two checkins to sourceforge CVS since 2005-04-09, both from June 2, 2005:

This new cygwin package does NOT incorporate those patches. We'll let this package simmer for a while first, before adding those patches (and possibly the scrollselection patch from x2vt:


Here are the options I used to configure (somebody was asking about 256 color support earlier). It's enabled -- but the rxvt terminfo entries
do not reflect that (try 'export TERM=xterm-256color' and '/usr/lib/ncurses/test/ncurses.exe -d'. You'll see the colors, but rxvt is not xterm so other things will break).

Since I maintain the terminfo distribution for cygwin, PTC for terminfo updates to rxvt-cygwin and rxvt-cygwin-native.

rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx=no \ DLIB=${objdir}/W11/wrap/rxvt_res.o \ CFLAGS="${MY_CFLAGS}" LDFLAGS="${MY_LDFLAGS}" \ ${srcdir}/configure \ --srcdir=${srcdir} --prefix="${prefix}" \ --exec-prefix='${prefix}' --sysconfdir="${sysconfdir}" \ --libdir='${prefix}/lib' --includedir='${prefix}/include' \ --mandir='${prefix}/share/man' --infodir='${prefix}/share/info' \ --libexecdir='${sbindir}' --localstatedir="${localstatedir}" \ --datadir='${prefix}/share' \ --disable-shared --enable-xpm-background \ --with-xpm-includes=${objdir}/W11/X11 \ --with-xpm-library=${objdir}/W11/lib \ --x-libraries=${objdir}/W11/lib \ --enable-utmp --enable-wtmp --enable-lastlog --enable-menubar \ --enable-rxvt-scroll --enable-next-scroll --enable-xterm-scroll \ --enable-frills --enable-linespace --enable-mousewheel \ --enable-keepscrolling \ --enable-old-selection --enable-transparency --enable-256-color \ --enable-languages --with-encoding=noenc )



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