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Re: C exe redirection blank file

Thanks again for your reply.

> The normal exit does flush and close all open file descriptors, 
I thought that was the case, so had not worried about closing the files.

> so what you are seeing is odd.
I agree. I've used some varied Unix systems in the past, and never had this.

> Now, the normal exit is part of the "run time" (crt0 or a similar name, that
> calls main and cleans up after) and that part is statically linked so,
> unless it depends on functionality on a Windows dll, it should not vary
> between machines.
Is there any way of checking which particular Windows.dll it could be
needing? Could there be any serial port setting that may be affecting it?
Incidentally I'm run a one minute cron job (for the working process) - would
that affect anything?

> I don't know if those basic libraries get Windows patches (updates in
> Microsoft-talk)... could be worth trying.
Ok understand in principal what you're saying. I have automatic updates
configured and scheduled.

> > Is there a limit to the number of files on XP - like the old config.sys
> > option files=99?
> I don't know.
Would archiving files to a separate directory help?

> That's a weird one, I have no idea what is going on (I was thinking about
> anti-virus or similar software that prevent creating files, but it doesn't
> look quite like that).
I have the same Anti-virus software on both PCs - AVG (and firewall). I could
try an additional test on my laptop - but not sure what that would tell me.
What do you think? Incidentally AVG does a scheduled virus scan nightly and
finds nothing.

Incidentally I tried something else today. I created a shell script
that did the following:

        echo "starting problem program"
        echo "ending problem program"

I ran this with 
        ./ > junk.txt

Surprise, surprise in junk.txt I got 
        starting problem program
        ending problem program

with again none of problem_program's output!

* Is the chkdsk error significant, or is it just a "red herring" do you think?
* Have you ever heard of anything similar on Linux/Unix?
* Does windows have a lock on a file or something?
* I'm sure I haven't, but if something in the program redirected 'stdout',
would this have any affect like I'm experiencing - i.e. overriding the
command line's redirection?

Andy Burgess

      _____     ______   _____________________________________________
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