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Re: Win2003 server and cron/sshd as services (1.5.19)

Indeed I did run it. Cron_diagnose complained about permissions that I fixed by chowning the files/directories to the Administrators group. But those changes did not change cron's behaivor.

I did just test by running cron from the command line (not as a service), and it appears to work fine. I suspect, that it can only exec commands under my uid, since my account does not have things like SeCreateTokenPrivilege, etc.

I would like to "su" to my cron_server (or sshd_server) uid to test out running the daemons without cygrunsrv, but I don't know how to switch users in cygwin with out ssh'ing to localhost. Login does not seem to work (giving me the message about the changes in ntsec) even after I added these rights to my user account:


One last thing. I fired up apache under my userid, and it sucessfully bound to port 80, (in my mind at least) debunking the fire wall theory. Any debugging tips would be greatly appreciated.


Renà Berber wrote:
Mike Dunn wrote:

Good question ;). I have not been able to find one, but I don't
necessarily know where to look (i'm not much of a windows guy).
I'll keep looking, but cron is showing the same behaivor as sshd, and cron
AFAIK does not bind to a tcp port. I had ruled out a firewall due to
cron's behaivor.

Valid point, have you tried

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