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Re: C exe redirection blank file

Andy@Jet-Net wrote:

> Thanks for your reply,
>>> * Suddenly I could no longer redirect the output of this program, and the two
>>> files it created were now blank.
>> [snip]
>> Did you forget to close the files 
> Thanks for that, that's fixed the writing of the files! Dunno why that's
> happened only on this machine. 

The normal exit does flush and close all open file descriptors, so what you are
seeing is odd.

Now, the normal exit is part of the "run time" (crt0 or a similar name, that
calls main and cleans up after) and that part is statically linked so, unless it
depends on functionality on a Windows dll, it should not vary between machines.

I don't know if those basic libraries get Windows patches (updates in
Microsoft-talk)... could be worth trying.

> Is there a limit to the number of files on XP - like the old config.sys
> option files=99?

I don't know.

>> and/or are exiting the program in a non-standard way?
> I don't think so. With issues - can't open port - I exit with a "return -1"
> otherwise I just fall out of the bottom of the main(). 
> chkdsk fixed errors this time, but I still have the "problems with the file
> system" error (maybe a red herring), and ...
> I still can't redirect output. Any advice on this v gratefully received.

That's a weird one, I have no idea what is going on (I was thinking about
anti-virus or similar software that prevent creating files, but it doesn't look
quite like that).
René Berber

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