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Re: C exe redirection blank file

Thanks for your reply,

> > * Suddenly I could no longer redirect the output of this program, and the two
> > files it created were now blank.
> [snip]

> Did you forget to close the files 
Thanks for that, that's fixed the writing of the files! Dunno why that's
happened only on this machine. 

Is there a limit to the number of files on XP - like the old config.sys
option files=99?

> and/or are exiting the program in a non-standard way?
I don't think so. With issues - can't open port - I exit with a "return -1"
otherwise I just fall out of the bottom of the main(). 

chkdsk fixed errors this time, but I still have the "problems with the file
system" error (maybe a red herring), and ...

I still can't redirect output. Any advice on this v gratefully received.


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