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Re: terminal escape codes

While that does work, It unfortunately isn't an acceptable solution
for me.  I really need to be running this from a plain text console.

Any other ideas?


On 5/5/06, Larry Hall (Cygwin) <> wrote:
Jeff Lange wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have a program that will connect to another host via telnet and
> work like a terminal emulator.  This works fine in Linux, but under
> cygwin, when the host sends out the vt220 command <ESC>(B  cygwin
> apparently doesn't know how to handle this escape code, and it ends up
> displaying the B on the screen,
> In Linux if I type "echo ^[(Btest" at a command prompt it comes back
> as "test", but if I do the exact same thing at a cygwin prompt it
> comes back as "Btest"
> Does anyone know a simple way around this?

Run rxvt (or xterm if you're running X) instead?

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