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C exe redirection blank file

Hi there,

I have been developing a system with the wonderful Cygwin and have
encountered a problem today. A program I was developing on a development PC I
copied over to the 'live' box (through network). This program produces two
fopen'ed files written with fprintf.

Summary of issue:
* Suddenly I could no longer redirect the output of this program, and the two
files it created were now blank.

* The program also talks to the serial port at /dev/ttyS0, this aspect of the
program remained steadfastly working! It also reads an existing file to get
the port number, so is reading this OK too.

* It could have been a program change I'd made - but I hadn't changed any of
the file processing, and adding a couple of test printf statements told me it
should be writing to the files! 

* I can successfully redirect output from other programs I've written (and
copied in the same way). 

* I ran a PC chkdsk and it told me that "Windows has found problems with the
file system". No kidding!

* I've run multiple "chkdsk /f"s (and reboots), but cannot find any logs to
tell me what happened (if anything).

* I've tried changing the chmod's for programs and data files to no avail,
and even compiling the program on the live machine - still the same results.

* It also looked at one point as if it has written the data into incorrect
filenames in the old-program-of-the-same-name format. Huh? A broken Windows

* I've tried updating my bash etc and compiling it with a different output
name - same issue.

* I've looked on the internet and Cygwin archives for help, but can't see
anything like I've got!
Can anyone tell me if it's a Windows problem, a Cygwin problem, a virus, or a
user/programmer problem? I can clarify with any coding snippets if required,
if it's something up with my code. 

Should I get rid of the Windows altogether and go to full-on to Unix/Linux?
I'm getting desperate! It's probably a silly question, but I've never set up
a Unix/Linux system myself, and am "comfortable" with Windoze and Cygwin.

Hoping for some answers.....

Andy Burgess

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