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Re: Cygrunsrv.exe 100% processor load

On 4 May 2006 at 10:18, Thomas Braun wrote:

Date sent:	Thu, 4 May 2006 10:18:48 +0200
From:	Thomas Braun <>
Send reply to:	Thomas Braun <>
Subject:	Cygrunsrv.exe 100% processor load


I'm running cygwin on a W2K server with all the current service packs
and patches, and I'm experiencing intermittent CPU hogging by

Restarting the sshd service always clears the situation, but this is a
real PITA as far as I'm concerned ;-)

I'm not sure *what* exactly triggers this, but one way to reproduce
this is to use process explorer from and try to
show the process properties for cygrunsrv.exe.

This does not only bring process explorer to a halt, but also raises
the CPU load from cygrunsrv.exe to between 60 and 100%

Weird enough, as soon as sshd is restarted, process explorer comes
back to life again ;-)

I know this issue has been discussed here recently:

...but as far as I can see there is no real solution.

Thanks & regards
Thomas Braun

I've noticed the same behavior on my Windows 2000 boxes when using the Windows Update site.  
Windows Update hangs during the installation phase.  I have two instances of cygrunsrv.exe running; one 
for cron and one for sshd.  If I go in and kill all the cygwin related processes then the installation phase 
resumes and completes normally.  Some months ago I also noticed that cygrunsrv.exe processes would 
go to 100% when iTunes was installed.  Removing iTunes solved that problem.

John R Larsen <>

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