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RE: Cygrunsrv.exe 100% processor load

On 04 May 2006 09:19, Thomas Braun wrote:

> I'm running cygwin on a W2K server with all the current service packs
> and patches, and I'm experiencing intermittent CPU hogging by
> cygrunsrv.exe.

> I'm not sure *what* exactly triggers this, but one way to reproduce
> this is to use process explorer from and try to
> show the process properties for cygrunsrv.exe.
> This does not only bring process explorer to a halt, but also raises
> the CPU load from cygrunsrv.exe to between 60 and 100%

> I know this issue has been discussed here recently:
> ...but as far as I can see there is no real solution.

  Well, there probably is in this case.  What you need to do is find out
/which/ other process is injecting remote threads into the cygwin sshd
process.  It could be something security related like pfw or av s/w, or it
could as someone suggested recently be a windows update interaction.

  Now in theory (because I've not tried this myself yet) it should be possible
to find what process is doing this to your sshd/cygrunsrv, and by setting ACLs
on the service process deny access to whichever foreign process is messing it
up.  That ought to work, but there could be unforeseen problems if it ends up
turning out to be the case that you need to deny access to SYSTEM - you might
end up not being able to send control messages to the service perhaps, or
experience other odd effects.  But it's definitely worth a try.

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