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Re: qt3 for windows hangs on compilation

swingkyd1 wrote:
I seem to be having problems with compiling qt3 for windows. I don't know
whether this is a cygwin problem or a qt3 problem but after following the
instructions for installation here: I run the following command:
$ . config.cygwin-thread

and the process hangs after it makes the following commands:

rm -f /cygdrive/c/source/qt-3/bin/qmake
ln -s ../qmake/qmake /cygdrive/c/source/qt-3/bin/qmake

The processor is at 100% and it was left over night like that without
finishing. I cancelled it by <ctrl>-<c> and tried to re-run the . config.cygwin-thread
Unfortunately this reports that qmake is up to date but it still hangs at
100% indefinitely.
It doesn't appear that any makefiles have been created so the proceeding
commands in the instructions also fail.

Is this something common or can I somehow troubleshoot this?

One thing I noticed about the instructions was that it required the
following package:
- cygipc
which was not in my cygwin setup program. could this be causing the problem?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

The 'cygipc' package is obsolete.  cygserver replaces it.  See the User's
Guide for more details on cygserver.

If you simply must have 'cygipc', rerun 'steup.exe' and uncheck "Hide
obsolete and administrative packages" on the package selection page.
The install 'cygipc'.

-- Larry Hall RFK Partners, Inc. (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office 838 Washington Street (508) 893-9889 - FAX Holliston, MA 01746

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