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qt3 for windows hangs on compilation

I seem to be having problems with compiling qt3 for windows. I don't know
whether this is a cygwin problem or a qt3 problem but after following the
instructions for installation here: 
I run the following command:
$ . config.cygwin-thread

and the process hangs after it makes the following commands:

rm -f /cygdrive/c/source/qt-3/bin/qmake
ln -s ../qmake/qmake /cygdrive/c/source/qt-3/bin/qmake

The processor is at 100% and it was left over night like that without
I cancelled it by <ctrl>-<c> and tried to re-run the . config.cygwin-thread
Unfortunately this reports that qmake is up to date but it still hangs at
100% indefinitely.
It doesn't appear that any makefiles have been created so the proceeding
commands in the instructions also fail.

Is this something common or can I somehow troubleshoot this? 

One thing I noticed about the instructions was that it required the
following package:
- cygipc
which was not in my cygwin setup program. could this be causing the problem?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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