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Re: Truncated Environment Variables? - using Cygwin + GetEnvironmentStrings() WIN32 API

Hi Guys,
	Thanks for your input.  So it looks like my version of cygwin1.dll
does not have the functionality I was trying to use namely the CW_SYNC_WINENV
(doing an nm on cygwin1.dll I don't see sync_winenv ()).  So unless there is
going to be an imminent release I would be grateful if you could answer a few
more questions :-)  I will try to make them smarter (but can't promise I will
succeed) :-)

1. Is there a simple way for me to gain access to the environ variable directly
   in my injected code?  e.g. I see that __cygwin_environ is being passed to
   build_env in the sync_winenv () function and __cygwin_environ seems to be
   a global in cygwin1.dll ... can I somehow (knowing that the app I have injected
   is a cygwin app using Brians dll lookup code) gain access to this variable
   (if it's the right one)?

2. When I checked out the signature for cygwin_internal I saw that it's
   unsigned long so where does the int return value come from? is it
   from a call to a function like GetLastError? (Sorry I'm new to cygwin).

extern "C" unsigned long cygwin_internal (cygwin_getinfo_types t, ...)

Thanks again for your help ... and for cygwin :-)



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