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Re: where can I download man2 pages

According to Charles D. Russell on 5/2/2006 6:55 AM:
 Is there somewhere I can download the *.2 manpages for functions
 available in cygwin?

Eric Blake wrote:

Not all the functions have man pages in cygwin - volunteers are welcome to
help write some.  Having said that, the web is your friend - most of the
cygwin syscalls are modeled after Linux, so looking at Linux man pages is
usually a good start (although not always accurate on cygwin); also POSIX
and SUSv3 are freely available standards on the web, with pretty good
descriptions of what a portable implementation will do.


Best I've found so far is
which allows you to wget the whole man2 for hpux. However, it is html and requires a browser. There used to be a way to specify an extension for google search, but I've forgotten the command and it is not in the "complete" list of options on the google website. Anyone know how to limit google search to extension .2?

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