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RE: Windows 95 support ?

-------------- Original message from "Dave Korn" : -------------- 

> On 25 April 2006 17:23, Samuel Thibault wrote: 
> > Dave Korn, le Tue 25 Apr 2006 16:52:36 +0100, a écrit : 
> >> Did it leave a log file lying around anywhere? 
> > 
> > Not in the current directory, and neither of 
> > 
> > find -name \*cyg\* 
> > find -name \*setup\* 
> > 
> > found anything. 
> > 
> > Samuel 
> Hm. Sounds like a silent dll initialisation failure. I have to ask the 
> dread question: do you have any debgging tools installed? Setup requires the 
> following functions from msvcrt: 
> _access, _fdopen, _mktemp, _putenv, _read, _setmode, _strdup, _stricmp, 
> _strlwr, _strnicmp, _write 
> so you could check that the version you have actually supplies them all. It's 
> also possible that it has some dependencies on other dlls that normally get 
Setup.exe or msvc.dll?  I guess either way, cygcheck should tell you.
> installed at the same time as the rest of the IE4 package - maybe updated 
> kernel32 or something. What you're trying to do here is a bit like taking one 
> dll from a future service pack and hoping it'll be backwardly-compatible with 
> an earlier OS; but it may rely on other new functionality that was released at 
> the same time in the same service pack.

No, it's really a quite different thing.  MS specifically declares msvcrt.dll as redistributable.  It's intended exactly for this purpose.

> So you may just have to bite the 
> bullet and install the full IE update to any W95 machine that needs to run 
> setup. 

That may in fact be true, now that I think of it.  ISTR that when I was working on the Wizard style GUI, we made the decision to allow setup.exe to depend on a post-Cretacious-era common control DLL or something.  The common control DLLs are not redistributable.  I'll check on this tonight; maybe we'll get lucky and whatever is needed actually is redistributable.

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