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RE: Call for testing Cygwin snapshot

Jerry D. Hedden wrote:
>I have a cron job (a bash script) that runs every 6 minutes, polling
>and downloading info off the web.
>The problem is the script hangs at various places and the stuck
>processes keep building up.
>Further, I have to kill these processes using the task monitor: kill
>reports 'No such process'.

Christopher Faylor replied:
>As mentioned above, a test case showing the problem sure would be

Jerry D. Hedden responded:
>I agree and would have provided one if I could.  However, I have no
>idea what is causing this, nor how to write a test case for it.
>As I said, it's a cron job running a bash script - nothing fancy.  The
>hang does not happen on every invokation of the script, but it does
>occur frequently.  Where in the script it gets stuck seems to be
>random: wget, mkdir, mv, date, diff, etc..

Christopher Faylor asked:
> Can you at least post the script?

Certainly.  Attached.

Christopher Faylor asked:
> Also, knowing the first snapshot which shows the problem would be helpful.

Jerry D. Hedden responded:
>As I said, these sort of problems started after the 2006-03-09 snapshot.
> I double checked, and the problem does occur with the 2006-03-13

Christopher Faylor replied:
>What you said was "However, I have experienced problems with most
>snapshots after it", where "it" was the 2006-03-09 snapshot.  The use of
>the word "most" rather than "all" there implies, to me at least, that
>there were snapshots that worked.  You seem to now be saying that this
>is not the case, which implies that something stopped working for you
>on 2006-03-13 and that no snapshot on or after that point worked.

Let me clarify.  Starting with the 2006-03-13 snapshot, every snapshot I
tried caused problems.  Although I did not try every one (sorry, but I
did not keep track of which ones), I know I tried over half of the 18
or so snapshots in question.  Since none that I tried worked, I have
been held at the 2006-03-09 snapshot.

The basic problem noted in each case had to do with forks - either a
cron script hangs (as reported), a build script fails because of fork
failures ('resource not available' type messages), or couldn't bring up
shell windows (as reported in

All of this started with Christopher Faylor's changes related to 'fork'
that started with the 2006-03-13 snapshot.  As I did report one problem
related to this matter on the 3/15 but go no response, I figured the
work was ongoing.  I just kept trying subsequent snapshots hoping the
problem would be cleared up eventually, but it hasn't.

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