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Cygwin mount issue


I have an issue of ?Permission denied? type, but it is more complicated than it
1) I have Cygwin installed on a server (Windows server). I connect myself
through Cygwin + SSH to another server of Windows type. I create a mount point
?/home/toto?, of (binmode,cygexec) type, mapped to a resource on a remote
server ?\\\toto?.

All is ok: when using Cygwin + SSH I have access to my files in the
?/home/toto? directory.

2) The problem appears, when I access through SSH to the server on which cygwin
is running, from another server (Unix server). I have access to ?/home/? but
access to ?/home/toto? is no more possible because of a ?-bash: cd: toto:
Permission denied? error. On top of that, when I run ?ls? from ?home?
directory, directory ?toto? is visible, but when I run ?ls ?la?, ?toto? does
not appear anymore!

In 1) and 2) I connect myself with the same user. Why do I have a ?Permission
denied? error whereas I?m connected as the same user? Can anybody help me to
resolve this issue?



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