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RE: Call for testing Cygwin snapshot

Jerry D. Hedden wrote:
>I have a cron job (a bash script)
>that runs every 6 minutes, polling and downloading info off the web. 
>The problem is the script hangs at various places and the stuck
>processes keep building up.
>Further, I have to kill these processes using the task monitor:  kill
>reports 'No such process'.

Christopher Faylor replied:
> As mentioned above, a test case showing the problem sure would be nifty.

I agree and would have provided one if I could.  However, I have no idea
what is causing this, nor how to write a test case for it.

As I said, it's a cron job running a bash script - nothing fancy.  The
hang does not happen on every invokation of the script, but it does
occur frequently.  Where in the script it gets stuck seems to be
random: wget, mkdir, mv, date, diff, etc..

> Also, knowing the first snapshot which shows the problem would be helpful.

As I said, these sort of problems started after the 2006-03-09 snapshot.
 I double checked, and the problem does occur with the 2006-03-13

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