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Re: when is using cygserver recommended? (thx)

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> From: (J. David Boyd)
> To:
> Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 16:29:59 -0400
> Subject: Re: when is using cygserver recommended? (thx)
> Christopher Faylor <> writes:
> >
> > In that case, my previous reply is even more pertinent; especially given
> > that Igor mentioned that the problem has nothing to do with cygserver.
> >
> > cgf
> Strange then, that my 'fork' problem has now gone away, after adjusting my
> cygserver.conf file....
> Dave

I don't know if it fixes it or not but I can tell you that I started
using cygserver perhaps a couple months ago and after changing that
variable, I've never seen the fork problem again.

However, I'm not completely sure but I think that the chain of events
was like this:

1- no fork problems

2- added cygserver for different reasons

3- got fork problems

4- edited cygserver.conf

5- no fork problems

Right now, although I understand that fork problem, I do not
understand its cause or why the cygserver.conf change fixed it.  I
think the reason I edited that file was because I got the impression
that using cygserver is what caused my fork problems.  It seems though
that people are getting the fork problems even when not using
cygserver.  I concluded that I needed to research cygserver a lot more
to understand what's going.  One day ...

One thing is certain, though.  I'm very glad I don't see the fork
problems anymore.

Luis P Caamano
Atlanta, GA USA

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