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Re: Installation problem on windows 2000 server

Dave Korn wrote:
On 31 March 2006 02:39, jack wrote:

Thanks for the response Dave.

I got rid of the non-cygwin perl, double checked for any possible cygwin
processes, and tried a complete re-install of cygwin. same thing :(

One thing I don't understand is I can download unix_tools.exe from this
website (which looks cygwin based), and run it, and everything works fine.

Grrr. I ***ing hate people who offer you a link to a "zip archive" and what you get is an executable, and not even a zip SFX but some completely non-standard made up BS. There could be anything in there. Even GPL'd applications being distributed without sources, for example. And they have misrepresented the software as being freeware, when it is in fact GPL'd.

I'm puzzled..


  You know, the other thing that can cause such bad crashes that cygwin apps
just exit silently and immediately with no messages or popups or anything is
very badly clashing dll versions, and I'd bet that thinstall stuff comes with
a sufficiently old version of the dll that could cause such clashes.  Are you
/really/ sure it's fully unloaded?  I'm suspicious of what this package has
done to or left behind on your system.

  Did you only install it for the first time /after/ cygwin was already going
wrong for you, or are you trying to move up to cygwin after having already
used thinstallunixtools on the machine?

Definitely. I tried the cygwin install a few times without luck, that's when i got the idea to try that thininstall thing to see if *THAT* would work...

your idea on the older dll's makes sense for sure. But it seems weird that I'm having this problem and nobody else has reported similar behavior. (then again, isn't windows a little weird at times anyway!?!)

I'm curious in trying a snapshot version to see if that would lead to any different behavior. There isn't a setup.exe for the snapshot version of cygwin though eh?

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